Lovely Lahaina
A day-trip to the other side of the island of Maui

 Welcome to Kahului, Maui!

I deciced not to take a shore excursion on my first day in Maui.  I decided on a day-trip to Lahaina, on the other side of the island, instead.  While walking out of the port area, I saw this welcoming sign.

The walk from the ship to the bus stop, at the Queen Kaahumanu Center mall, was pleasant and scenic.

The bus took an hour and cost only $1.
Old Banyan tree
Kyla and the Old Banyan tree
The biggest attraction in Lahaina is its Old Banyan Tree, a giant tree that has spread out to fill a whole park.
It reminded me very much of the Comfort Maple on Ontario's Niagara Peninsula.
Views of Lahaina
 More Lahaina
Lahaina had a very pretty seaside boardwalk/sidewalk.

Lahaina was not quite what I expected.  It was just a scenic, touristy, seaside town.  I enjoyed walking around for about an hour.

The bus only comes once an hour, so I had to plan my visit accordingly.
Even more Lahaina
Maui Tacos!

Nothing was appealing to me for lunch, so I finally decided to eat at Maui Tacos, as I love tacos and I was on Maui : )  It turns out I didn't care for the food (very little flavor).  Live and learn!
WPA wall
More WPA wall
On the way to the mall, I saw an intriguing sight: a WPA wall!